The Extraordinary Give

Friday, November 18th 2022

All day

Help us make this Extraordinary Give ONE FOR THE BOOKS!

By tapping into our extensive collection, Lancaster Public Library cardholders save an average of $108 in borrowed materials each year.

With inflation at a four-decade high, everyone’s household budgets are stretched thin, but Lancaster Public Library is one place where practically everything is free to check out.

Have you ever noticed at the bottom of each check out receipt that you can see how much money you saved by paying a visit to your local library? From popular magazines that cost $3.95 to hardcover nonfiction reference books that cost over $200, the total amount saved varies from patron to patron.

But, in 2021 alone, Lancaster Public Library leant over $5 million worth of materials to the community—not to mention the hundreds of hours of free programming!

The receipt is also a reminder that Lancaster Public Library does not exist for free. We must pay a substantial amount of money for the materials we offer at no charge to patrons. Lancaster Public Library is responsible for fundraising over 60% of its operating budget. Each dollar raised is used to serve our community.

An investment in Lancaster Public Library during the Extraordinary Give on November 18 offers a wealth of returns in the form of library materials, specialized assistance, and quality programming for the Lancaster community.

Lancaster Public Library isn’t free to operate, but the cost is worth every cent.