Is My Kid Dyslexic?

Wednesday, October 9th 2019

6:00 PM

In an engaging, accessible program, certified dyslexia practitioners and co-founders of Lancaster Reading Solutions, LLC, Lauren Maffett, M.Ed. and Rachel Moore, MD offer the parents of struggling readers and spellers valuable information and practical next steps to help their children succeed.

Topics covered will include – common characteristics of people with dyslexia; what to do if your child needs further evaluation; evidence-based solutions for reading and spelling problems; and why learning differences are not the end of the world!

Both speakers will also share from their personal life experiences as the parents of children with dyslexia.

Appropriate for parents.

Speaker Bios

Lauren Maffett, M.Ed Lauren knows dyslexia from the inside – she herself struggled with reading and spelling throughout her school years. This makes her an ideal guide for her students. Lauren has dedicated her entire career to education. She is a Pennsylvania certified public school teacher with a master’s degree as a Reading Specialist. Additionally, she is currently employed as a preschool director, giving her an inside view to the importance of early learning and early remediation for readers who learn differently. Lauren loves two amazing kids with amazing dyslexic brains! She is a Certified Dyslexia Practitioner (Children’s Dyslexia Centers/IMSLEC).

Rachel Moore, MD In her work as a tutor for struggling readers, Rachel blends her strong scientific background from her time as a family physician with her decades of experience working creatively with children of all ages as an artist musician and teacher. She is well known amongst her students and peers as a highly creative and innovative instructor who seeks out unique solutions. In addition to her broad range of professional experiences, she is privileged to live with and advocate for a daughter and husband with dyslexia. She is a Certified Dyslexia Practitioner (Children’s Dyslexia Centers/IMSLEC).

Location Details

Lancaster City Branch

Location Address

151 N. Queen Street
Lancaster, PA