VIRTUAL Percy Jackson Family Trivia Night

Saturday, June 6th 2020

7:00 PM

Unleash your inner demigod and join our Zoom meeting 💻
Meeting ID: 889 9659 5072
Password: 023843
At 7PM our Children’s Librarian will start the meeting, and kick off the trivia night ⏰
Once everyone has been admitted from the Zoom waiting room, your host will show you how/where to enter your Team Name. As soon as the Team Names are entered, we will begin! ✋No one will be admitted to the meeting once the first round has begun, so please be on time.
There will be five rounds, and each round has 10 Percy Jackson themed questions. Most of the questions will come from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. We won’t give anything big away, but there may be spoilers 😬
We will read each of the round’s 10 questions and your team captain will jot them down at home 📝 You’ll be given some time to come up with your answers – NO GOOGLING! 🚫📱
When time is up, your host will read the answers to the 10 questions for you to check against your team’s answers. We’re using the HONOR SYSTEM here 😇
Once you’ve tallied your score for the round, your team captain will submit it in the chat like this: Team XYZ got 6/10.
After round five, your host will announce the winning team 🎉

Location Details

Lancaster City Branch

Location Address

125 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA