LPL Study Hall

Students who need more reliable WiFi for virtual learning or need a safe learning space outside the home are invited to LPL’s STUDY HALL.

Bates Auditorium will be open to students (ages 9-18) working on school assignments:

  • Mondays from 3-6
  • Wednesdays from 1-4
  • Fridays from 9-12

Study Hall will include seating and access to free WiFi. Additional amenities may include tables and access to power outlets.

Youth ages 9-18 may be unaccompanied while using the space. There is seating for 12 students.

😷 For everyone’s safety, face masks must be worn properly while inside the library at all times.

πŸ§β†”οΈπŸ§ Seating will be placed 6FT apart, we ask that the furniture is not rearranged.

πŸ“ Please bring your own paper and supplies.

πŸ›‘ Public restrooms and drinking fountains are unavailable at this time.

🚫πŸ₯‘ No food allowed in the Study Hall.

😒 If anyone in the Study Hall does not follow staff directions, staff will monitor and evaluate continuation of their privileges.