Autism Resource Center

The Autism Resource Center provides hundreds of print, audio, and video materials on the subject of Autism for use in the library and at home.

Opened in November 2010, the Autism Resource Center provides a welcoming and comfortable environment for individuals with autism, and for those whose lives are touched by autism, including families, teachers, and therapeutic support specialists.

The Autism Resource Collection includes over 800 books, DVDs, and games in the areas of teaching social skills, behavioral therapy, conflict resolution, and community awareness and interaction.

The Autism Resource Center offers a dedicated space that accommodates and supports the sensory, communication, and social/emotional needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The center is equipped with games & puzzles; fidget toys; stress balls; weighted tactile beanbags; inflatable pea pods; sensory press and stay blocks; and a curved sensory balance beam!

Planning a visit? Download our “Going to the Library” social storybooks: