Meeting Room Policy

Summary and Purpose

The Lancaster Public Library allows qualified and approved individuals or organizations to use its meeting rooms only for approved educational and recreational activities which support the Library’s purpose. The Library will not sponsor or subsidize commercial, religious and political activities by outside organizations or individuals. Religious and political activities by outside organizations or individuals on library premises are prohibited. The Library, as an independent not-for-profit corporation reserves the right to limit or deny use of its meeting facilities by a group or individual organization if such use is deemed to be not in the best interests of the library. The library also reserves the right to prohibit future use of the facilities by a group or individual which has caused damage, has violated Library rules or has interfered with library operations. Those using the Library’s meeting rooms must comply with all Library policies and procedures in effect at the time of use, including those pertaining to dress and behavior. Organizations or individuals not affiliated with the Library who desire to use the Library’s meeting facilities and equipment must submit an application for approval in advance (see Attachment 1) and must pay established fees for these services (see 5. below). Upon application (see Attachment 2), the Library Director may waive or reduce use fees if a specific, local not-for-profit, activity is deemed beneficial to both the interests of the Library and to the community and fee payment is not possible or would cause hardship. Users of Library meeting rooms do so at their own risk and will be held responsible for damage to or misuse of Library property. Use of the Library’s meeting rooms does not constitute an endorsement of the user or its mission by the Library.

General Regulations

  • Only established organizations and government agencies doing business within Lancaster County are eligible to use meeting rooms. A group or individual using Library facilities is responsible for costs of damage to library property and for restoring premises to their original order. When requesting use of facilities, all applicants which intend to have more than 20 individuals present during the period of usage must provide a certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance from an A rated insurance carrier with minimum coverage of $1,000,000.00 combined single limit for property damage and personal injury arising out of its use of the facility. The Certificate of Insurance must include a Rider naming Lancaster Public Library as an additional insured.
  • Walls may not be used for mounting or hanging pictures, displays, posters, etc. The Library is not responsible for any materials brought in by meeting sponsors. The meeting sponsor is required collect all trash it generates and place it in the proper receptacles. The Library cannot store any sponsor materials either in advance of or after a meeting. Items brought in by sponsors must be removed at the end of the meeting. A cleanup fee will be imposed if meeting rooms are not returned to their original condition after their use.
  • If a meeting involves children, proper supervision must be provided at all times. The Library will not be responsible for supervision of minors and youth organizations using any meeting room must have present at all times at least one adult (21 years of age or older) per 15 minors.
  • Animals (except service animals) and plants may not be brought into the Library unless authorized in advance by the Library Executive Director in connection with an approved program.
  • The Library reserves the right to revise any meeting arrangements and to preempt established arrangements based on its priorities or other business reasons. In such instances, the Library will provide reasonable notification to the user and will refund any unused fees.
  • Library facilities must be used in a manner which is conducive to its purposes. Facilities may not be used in any way which materially interferes with the orderly operation of the Library or causes a threat to the safety of Library personnel, property or patrons. Use of meeting rooms for any activities that are inconsistent with the Library’s purposes or operations will be denied or terminated.
  • The Library may charge a fee for equipment, audiovisual aids, consumables, and similar items.
  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, gambling, and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in any area of the Library.
  • The User agrees to comply with all fire codes and other rules applicable to patrons of the Library.
  • Food, equipment or displays brought into the Library are subject to the Library Executive Director’s prior review and approval.
  • Illegal drugs and smoking are not permitted on Library premises. Weapons, caustic, toxic, incendiary or dangerous materials are not permitted on library premises. In general, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on library premises but under certain conditions (such as a special reception) the Executive Director may approve a one time use exception.
  • Library meeting rooms may be used only during normal Library business hours. Meetings should be scheduled to end at least 15 minutes before scheduled library closing time to avoid overtime charges. Use of meeting rooms outside of normal Library business hours (limited only to one hour before and one hour after normal opening and closing) will be permitted only with Library Executive Director approval and will entail overtime charges.
  • Outside users of library meeting facilities must first check in on arrival and must also check out prior to departure with library security personnel (or in their absence, a senior staff member) on duty who will ensure that the room is left in proper order. Outside users may not rearrange meeting room furniture without permission of security personnel or the senior staff member on duty.
  • Furniture may not be taken out of the meeting rooms

Rooms Available for Community Use

  • Bates Auditorium: Maximum seating capacity is 70 adults. Tables and chairs are available for this number of attendees.
  • Windolph Board Room: Available for small groups, with seating for 20 adults around a conference table.
  • Clark Family Room: Available for small groups, with seating for 20-30.
  • Computer Training Room: This room contains ten desktop computers with online capabilities and a digital projector.
  • Heritage Room (Mountville Branch): Maximum seating capacity is 20 adults.

Maximum seating in each of these rooms is in compliance with local fire codes and cannot be exceeded.


No cooking facilities are available. Prepared food may be brought into the meeting rooms with the advance approval of the Library Executive Director. Food and drink may be served and eaten only in the meeting rooms. Alcoholic beverages are generally prohibited (see 1. Regulations, above).

Completing Applications and Scheduling of Meeting Rooms

In the scheduling of Library meeting rooms, Library operations and activities take precedence over outside activities. Any organization desiring use of a meeting room must submit a completed application obtained from the Library (see Attachment 1). Applications must be submitted at least one week in advance with exceptions approved by the Executive Director. The Library will maintain a reservation file and calendar documenting all planned meeting room activities and applications on a month-by-month basis. Deposits will be the greatest of $10 or 10% of total projected cost. Deposits for room rental are required at time of scheduling, and are refundable only with 48 hours advance notice of reservation cancellation.


Non–Library affiliated meeting sponsors may not use the Library as their address or imply any co-sponsorship of their activity by the Library in their publicity.

Meeting Room Fee Schedule (Subject to Change)


Select Room or Service Non Profit Org. For Profit Org. Charges
Windolph Room $25** $50*
Bates Auditorium $50** $75*
Clark Family Room $25** $50*
Computer Training Room $100** $100**
Heritage Room (MVL) $25** $50**
Cleanup Fee $50 $50
* For groups of twenty or more people, evidence of
liability insurance in excess of $100,000 or a surety
bond to indemnify the Library in case of damages or
other liabilities is required.
**For first two hours. Additional hours (or part) at 1/2 base fee.
($10 or 10%)
Balance Due


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Approved: 01/21/11