Meeting Room Policy

Summary and Purpose

The Lancaster Public Library allows qualified and approved individuals or organizations to use its meeting rooms only for approved educational and recreational activities which support the Library’s purpose. The Library will not sponsor or subsidize commercial, religious and political activities by outside organizations or individuals. Religious and political activities by outside organizations or individuals on library premises are prohibited. The Library, as an independent not-for-profit corporation, reserves the right to limit or deny use of its meeting facilities by a group or individual organization if such use is deemed to be not in the best interests of the library. The library also reserves the right to prohibit future use of the facilities by a group or individual which has caused damage, has violated Library rules or has interfered with library operations. Those using the Library’s meeting rooms must comply with all Library policies and procedures in effect at the time of use, including those pertaining to dress and behavior. Organizations or individuals not affiliated with the Library who desire to use the Library’s meeting facilities and equipment must submit an application for approval in advance and must pay established fees for these services. Upon application, the Library Director may waive or reduce use fees if a specific, local not-for-profit, activity is deemed beneficial to both the interests of the Library and to the community and fee payment is not possible or would cause hardship. Users of Library meeting rooms do so at their own risk and will be held responsible for damage to or misuse of Library property. Use of the Library’s meeting rooms does not constitute an endorsement of the user or its mission by the Library.

General Regulations

Renter (responsible party must be 18 years or older) agrees to use the facility appropriately and shall assume full responsibility for attendees. Renter agrees to not interfere with LPL operations. Damage to library property and any costs to repair or restore the facility to its original state will be the responsibility of the Renter. In certain instances, LPL may require submission of a Certificate of Liability Insurance and/or a Certificate of Additional Insured. Violation of any of these Rules and Regulations may result in LPL revoking the agreement and terminating or canceling the rental at which time Renter shall forfeit charges and fees paid.

  1. Parties interested in renting LPL space must apply in advance (minimum of 10 business days) by completing an Application for Rental. Upon review, LPL will inform the applicant whether the application has been approved or denied.
  2. Use of our facility is limited to groups that are non-discriminatory, non-partisan, non-political, non-religious cultural, civic, social, educational purposes and ones that do not conflict with our mission.  Lancaster Public Library adheres to the Library Bill of Rights and renters are expected to as well. Priority is given to Renters whose purpose and/or mission supports the mission of the library. LPL does not endorse the objectives of any organization using the facility nor shall it sponsor, promote, advertise, or assume any responsibility or liability for Renter events.
  3. Non-profit organizations wishing to take advantage of our discounted rates will be required to provide proof of status by submitting a copy of their IRS Determination Letter or most recent 990.
  4. Charging admission, selling tickets or merchandise, or solicitation of money by Renter or any attendees in any manner is prohibited without the express written permission of the Executive Director prior to the event.
  5. Indecent or illegal conduct, gambling, smoking (including vaping and E-cigarettes) and use or distribution of drugs are not permitted on Library premises.
  6. Food and alcohol are not permitted on Library premises unless permission is explicitly requested at and approved at the time of application. If LPL determines that the group may serve refreshments and/or alcohol on Library premises, renter is responsible for providing said refreshments and/or alcohol and must provide LPL with proof of having hired a RAMP certified bartender for the duration of the event.
  7. The renter must set up and clean up the space and be present throughout the event. Renters using the facility do so at their own risk and are responsible for their actions and the actions of their guests. Minors may not be left unattended or unsupervised by adults at any time. LPL is not responsible for lost or stolen personal or professional articles or possessions of the Renter or attendees.
  8. Renter must utilize proper trash receptacles throughout the event and must clean up at the conclusion of the rental. Renter may be asked to place trash in designated exterior trash bins.
  9. Walls/ceilings may not be used for mounting or hanging decorations, pictures, displays, or posters, etc. Open flame candles are not permitted, and use of helium balloons is permitted only in certain areas of the library and must be approved ahead of time by the Executive Director. All decorations, signage, materials, refreshments, etc. must be removed immediately at the conclusion of the rental.
  10. Pets or animals of any kind (except for service animals) are NOT allowed in the facility without the express written permission of LPL prior to the event.
  11. Access to areas of the facility not included in the rental agreement (public service desks, staff offices, storage areas, mechanical areas, or other unauthorized areas) is strictly prohibited.
  12. The renter must comply with all copyright laws and have a license and/or legal release to show copyrighted films, photographs, or other materials.
  13. Events (including set-up and clean-up) must take place during normal Library operating hours unless the renter receives the express written permission of LPL prior to the event. In the event of a rental that occurs while the library is closed, Renter will incur the fees for LPL security services.
  14. All publicity related to the use of the facility must be cleared by the Executive Director as part of the rental agreement. Please use the correct name of the Lancaster Public Library in all publicity. The Renter must make it clear that LPL is not the sponsor of the event.
  15. No renter may use Lancaster Public Library as its address.
  16. If there is any question or dispute about the facility use, the decision of LPL will be final. Any exception to the Library Facilities Rental Rules and Regulations requires the express written permission of the Executive Director prior to the event.
  17. Lancaster expressly reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations.
  18. Indemnification of Library – The renter shall indemnify and hold harmless Lancaster Public Library, its agents, and employees, from and against all liability, claims, damages, losses and expenses, including attorney fees incurred with the connection therewith, arising out of or resulting from the renter’s use or occupancy of the property or performance of its obligations hereunder. To the extent that any claim is asserted against Lancaster Public Library by a third person for any injury or claim arising during the term of this Facility Rental Agreement, renter shall defend Lancaster Public Library at renter’s expense.

Approved: 07/14/2023