Library Donors

The Lancaster Public Library would like to thank the following individuals, organizations, and businesses who supported the library with a donation in November. Much of what we accomplish would not be possible without your generous support. You are so very appreciated!

November 2019 Donors

Robert and Mary Anne Aichele
Amazon Smile Foundation
Scott Anderson
Nancy Bage
Ronald and Ann Bair
Bert Baker
Dan and Rita Balogh
Nelson Bard
Gina P. Baron
James R. and Linda J. Bear
Elizabeth D. Benton
Mary Kathryn Bradley
Bob and Louise Brewer
Ellen L. Brinton
Roberta  M. Bruns
Anne and Dave Bushnell
Rita and Ted Byrne
Judy Carter
Community Aid, Inc.
Patrick N. Connaughton
Mary D. Corcoran
James and Margaret Crothers
Gordon and Bernina Danielson
Robert and Lynn Davis
Joan Decker
Ann K. Dianna
Ernie and Donna Doerschuk
Jerry and Susan Eckert
E. Terry Euston
Robert E. Field
Margaret Fisher
Daniel and Michelle Fletcher
James E. Fox
Barbara and Jim Frederick
Adrienne and Amir Friedman
Bridget and Andrew Fritz
Wayne and Deborah Geltz
Tom and Valerie Gemmill Jr.
Barry and Paula Gilbert
Catherine  C. Glass
Joyce Good
James G. Greiner
Jane Grushow
Martha Guaigua
Jon and Joyce Hanner
Molly Henderson
Raymond Hernandez
Dan and Caroline Herr
Anna Mae Herr
Paul and Caroline Hoffer
John and Carol Hohman
Marcelyn Jones
Rex and Janie Kaney
James and Karen Kendig
Connie Kondravy
Dale and Melissa Kreider
Phyllis Kreider
Penny Kulp
Lancaster City Council
Kathy and Tom Larkin
Cheryl M. Laub
Elizabeth and Stephen Lavender
Katharine  M. Leader
Carol Janello-Leaman and Ron Leaman
Judy Lintner
Joseph W. Lowenthal
Sally Lownsbery
Stephens Lytch
M&T Bank
Marilyn W. MacConnell
Manor Township Board Of Supervisors
Grant and Su Lien Markley
Susan M. Martin
Dianna Martin
Margaret Matsuoka
Stacey Mazzacco
Joyce H. McClintock
Julia M. McCourt
Jane and Paul Mueller
Joel Marc Mumma
Mike and Jean Musser
Soumo Nandi
Hagai and Sarah Nassau
H Earl Paulson
Jeanne Pearce
Dolores Perezous
William and Joyce Phillips
Caroline Piersol
Florence Powell
Julia and Chuck Powers
Anna Rakoczy
Betty M. Randolph
Abby Rankin
Ruth Roye
Scott Royer
Valerie Schucker
Pat Scott
Ruth Secamiglio
Jean and Nicholas Selch
Rupert M. Sheldon
Willis and Elsie Shenk Foundation
Aaron Sherman and Leah Fox
Katherine R. Shope
Kim Showalter
Melissa Shultz
Robert Siever
Dennis and Jean Simmons
Jean M. Smith
Fern Smith
Barbara Sturgis
Noreene and Mike Sweeney
Darlene Tamanini
Julie Teitsworth
Carol Thomas
Rachel Towbin
Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Treier
UGI Utilities, Inc.
Elizabeth A. Ulaky
Janice E. Ulmer
UPMC Health Plan
Upper Leacock Township
Mary and Boyer Veitch
William and Barbara Wallace
Nancy T. Warshawsky
James and Naomi Weaver
Jim and Margaret Weber
Donald M. Weber
Teresa A. Weisser
Wilson Whiting
Anna Mary Wilkinson
Ryan and Julie Will
Daniel Wurm
Martha Zepp

 2019 Signature Benefit Partners…

Gold Partner
Benchmark Construction Company 
Crystal Partners
Hammel Associates Architects, LLC
John and Kathi Markley, in honor of Eileen McNiff and Mary B. Markley
S&T Bank
Stray Lighting and Production Services
Aria Partners
Barley Snyder, LLC
Fulton Financial Advisors
Henrietta Heisler Interiors
Fig Industries 
PPL Electric Utilities
Masquerade Partners
Engle Printing & Publishing
ECW Marketing Group
The H & H Group
Higher Information Group
Members 1st Federal Credit Union 
Representative P. Michael Sturla
In Kind Partners
Bistro Barberet & Bakery
Cracked Pepper Catering
DJ Mast Entertainment, LLC
Good Spirits Lancaster
Inova Payroll
Penn Square Music Festival
Trump Tschudy Design LLC
Vigis Parties LLC

Additional community partners who are supporting Lancaster Public Library events in 2019…

ELKS Lancaster Lodge


Lancaster Trophy Company

Bertz Hess & Co