Library Donors

The Lancaster Public Library would like to thank the following individuals, organizations, and businesses who supported the library with a donation in the month of November. Much of what we accomplish would not be possible without your generous support. You are so very appreciated!

November 2017


Robert and Mary Anne Aichele
Mr. Charles Albright
Mr. David K. Anderson
Ms. Diana D. Baker
Mrs. Naomi A. Baker
Ms. Robin S. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Balogh
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Banner
Mr. Nelson J. Bard
Mrs. Eleanor Barnes
Ms. Mary R. Baumgardner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bornstein
Mrs. Fredonna Branstetter
Mrs. Mary Lou Broucht
Ms. Susan E. Bruggeman
Mr. and Mrs. C. Alan Bruns
Ms. Sarah C. Bullock
Mrs. Kay Burrichter
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Calhoun
Ms. Janice M. Cantrell
Ms. Virginia Carroll
Mrs. Georgia A. Casey
Peter and Millicent Christie
Susan Burlingame and Neil Clark
Mr. James Clarkin
Ms. Cheryl P. Coble
Mr. Francis J. Collmer
Ms. Helen Comins
Mr. Thomas Hills Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Crockett
Ms. Marcia A. Dewey
Ms. Karen Donovan
Michelle and Matt Dorsey
Ms. Sharon Ebersole
Jon Enos and Marie Fitzsimmons
Mr. Michael L. Ervin
Ms. Nina C. Eshleman
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Feister
Ms. Nancy Fellenbaum
Mrs. Carlotta Filarowitz
Friends of the Mountville Branch Library
Ms. Rosemary Fornadel
Ms. Maureen Fornataro
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Frego
Ms. Carolyn French
Mr. Michael Galluppi
Mrs. Jeanne Geiger
Mr. David A. Gerber
Drs. Paul Casale and Alexandra Gibas
James and Betty Ann Godshalk
Mr. Ely Gonick
Ms. Marilyn J. Gosnell
Mrs. Dorothy Grimm
Ms. Pamela Grosh
Wayne and Frances Gunzenhauser
Jon and Joyce Hanner
Ms. Judy A. Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harnly
Ms. Carol Heintzelman
Terryl L. Henry
Mr. Raymond Hernandez
Ms. Anna Mae Herr
Ms. Eileen Hess
Mr. William N. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. James Humphreville
Ms. Becky Hynicka
Mr. David Johnson
Mrs. Judithann Jones
Mrs. Carol C. Kelsall
Jeff and Tracy Kirchner
Ms. Kelly Kleckner
Michael and Dolores Klemer
John and Susan Kreider
Ms. Cindy Labezius
Mrs. Rose Ellen Lahouchuc
Mrs. Gladys Landis
Mrs. Anne LaPierre
Arthur and Josephine Larsen
Mrs. Phyllis Lazarus
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Lentz
Mr. James Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Little
Mrs. Elizabeth Heim Louie
Mrs. Marilyn W. MacConnell
Ms. Kimberly Mahaffy
Ms. Susan M. Martin
Ms. Jill Martin
Mr. William McCann
Ms. P. Norma McCann
Mrs. Joyce H. McClintock
Mr. Gilroy McFarlane
Mrs. Ann L. McMullen
Nancy and Guy Mehl
Mr. William A. Mehler Jr.
Mrs. Mary L. Milligan
Mrs. Susan Morrissey
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Nolt
Ms. Anne E. Norton
Jack and Risa Paskoff
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Paulson
Ms. Jeanne Pearce
Ms. Caroline Piersol
Mrs. Jane Pokorney
Mrs. Joan H. Pollock
Mr. C. W. Price
Mrs. Joan Pyott
Mrs. Anna Rakoczy
Mr. William Reasner
Mr. Matthew Reiprich
Charles and Teresa Reisinger
Ms. Lin Rengier
Ms. Jami Rhynes
Ms. Emily Ritholz
Ms. Joyce Ritz
Mr. Ronald Rodgers
Kevin Weir and Brenda Ronco
Mary and Charles Rost
Ms. Kathy Rowe
Mrs. Ruth Roye
Jay and Linda Royer
Mr. Gerald Saunders
Ms. Phyllis Scheffman
Ms. Martha Schlossman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schoenberger
Joshua Schwartz and Caroline Faulkner
Jean and Nicholas Selch
Mr. Walt Senkowski
Ms. Carol Ann Shaefer
Ms. Sheila J. Sheaffer
Mr. Rupert M. Sheldon
Mrs. Isabel Sherdon
Ms. Kim Showalter
Ms. Deborah Sigel
Mrs. Jean M. Smith
Ms. Jill Smith
Ms. Josephine Smith
Tom and Barbra Smithgall
Mr. Kearney Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stevens
Mr. Jay Stover
Vicky and Streeter Stuart
Ms. Dede Stuhlman
Noreene and Mike Sweeney
Sohail Masood Syed
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Todd
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ulaky
Mr. and Mrs. Glen VanDerSchaaf
Mrs. Barbara Wank
Mr. Michael D. Warner
Ms. Nancy T. Warshawsky
Mr. Donald M. Weber
Ms. Jean Kirk Weglarz
Ms. Teresa A. Weisser
Richard and Eleanor Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Wintsch
Harold E. and Ann Marie Witmer
Mark E. Yoh and Brenda Hutchins-Yoh
Mr. James F. Young
Mrs. Barbara J. Younker

Thank you to our community partners for supporting the Lancaster Public Library at many of our events in 2017!

Barley Snyder

Bertz, Hess & Co, LLP

DJ Mast Productions

ELKS Lancaster Lodge

Inova Payroll

Good Spirits Lancaster

The H & H Group/Sir Speedy

Lancaster Trophy House

Loeffler Financial Group

Paul Davis

Rental World

Trump Tschudy Design LLC