Library Donors

The Lancaster Public Library would like to thank the following individuals, organizations, and businesses who supported the library with a donation in the month of May. Much of what we accomplish would not be possible without your generous support. You are so very appreciated!

May 2017

Herbert and Victoria Abramson
William & Susan Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Anderson
Mr. Scott Anderson
Vance and Jennifer Antonacci
Mr. Richard Atherley
Ms. Greta R. Aul
Mr. Stewart Axtell
Mr. and Mrs. David Bage
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bair
Mrs. Naomi A. Baker
Ms. Robin S. Baldwin
Shyam S. Balepur
Mr. Nelson J. Bard
Bareville-Leola-Leacock Lions Club, Inc.
Ms. Jill Barnes
Mr. Norman J. Bell
Ms. Bonnie Benn
Ms. Helen Bingaman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bornstein
Mrs. Mary Kathryn Bradley
Bob and Louise Brewer
Mrs. Margaret B. Brown
Ms. Madeline Brubaker
Mr. Jon H. Buesking
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bugel
Patricia and Paul Butler
Ms. Virginia Carroll
Ms. Judy Carter
Mrs. Georgia A. Casey
Ms. Patricia Casill
Mr. Charles A. Castle
Ms. Susan D. Catherson
Mr. J. Clayton Charles
Ms. Margaret B. Chrencik
Tim and Kathy Colyer
Ms. Helen Comins
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Coon
Ms. Jeanne Corcoran
Council Of Friends Of Lancaster County Public Libraries
Mr. Ronald Coyle
Mr. and Mrs. James Crothers
Ms. Deborah L. Crow
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Danielson
Jean Boal and Cynthia Davis
Robert and Karen Davis
Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Davis Jr.
Mr. Donald Dempster
Ms. Susan Dibartolomeis
Ms. Lori Dietrich
Mr. James D. Diffenderfer
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Doerschuk
Mary Alice Wheeler and Andre Dominguez
Stephen and Catherine Donohue
Michelle and Matt Dorsey
Mr. and Mrs. G. Yale Eastman
Ms. Linda Ecker
Ms. Jill D. Edwards
Mrs. Helen T. Emmitt
Mrs. Mildred P. Erisman
Ms. Glenna Eshleman
Mr. Joseph P. Feifer
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Feister
Ms. Nancy Fellenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Fischer
Ms. Crystal Flanagan
Ms. Miriam Fletcher
Daniel and Michelle Fletcher
Mr. Charles H. Floyd Jr.
Dick and Sandy Fluck
Barbara and Jim Frederick
Mr. Richard Frerichs
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Freund
Ms. Patricia S. Fry
Mr. William Gall
Mr. Greg Gehman
Mr. and Mrs. Adam K. Gehr
Ms. Lorraine Gernert
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gilbert
Steve and Beth Gingrich
Ms. Catherine C. Glass
Mr. John Gogets
Ms. Lupe Gonzalez
Joseph and Kathleen Gormish
Mrs. Louise Graham
Lancaster City
Mrs. Dorothy Grimm
Richard and Carolyn Groff
Mrs. Debbie Groleau
Ms. Tammi Grow
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Gulya
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Guntharp
Ms. Deborah E. Harbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. James Harkness
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harnly
Ms. Monica Hatton
Mrs. Nancy M. Heagy
Ms. Carol Heintzelman
Ms. Kathryn Heinzel
Ms. Henrietta Heisler
Mrs. Richard Farmer Hess
Mr. Anthony Hightower
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Himes
Mrs. Norma C. Hollinger
Mrs. Kay Homer
Ms. Claudia Hostetter
Mr. and Mrs. James Humphreville
Mrs. Sally Jarvis
Mr. David Johnson
Ms. Pamela M. Joy
Rachel and Daniel Jurman
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Keays
Mrs. Carol C. Kelsall
James P. and Karen A. Kendig
Quan and Phuong Khuu
Mrs. Pamela Francis Kiehl
Ms. Joyce King
John K. and Holly R. Kleimo
Michael and Dolores Klemer
Ann and Robert Krissinger
David and Andrea Kurzman
Ms. Cindy Labezius
Mrs. Elva Lackey
Mrs. Rose Ellen Lahouchuc
Lampeter-Strasburg School District
Ms. Elizabeth Lavender
Mrs. Phyllis Lazarus
Ms. Katharine M. Leader
Mr. Richard Lentine
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Lentz
Paul and Elaine Lenyo
Ms. Lisa Lewis
Jerry and Tracy Lind
Mrs. Barbara Lockwood
Ms. Joyce Ludwig
Martha MacAdam and Richard G. Cornogg
Ms. Rosalynn Luu
Mrs. Marilyn W. MacConnell
Ms. Kimberly Mahaffy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Maher
Mrs. Josephine A. Marks
Patty and Bill Martens
Ms. Susan M. Martin
Claude and Jane Martin
Ms. Dianna Martin
Ms. Jodi Martz
Mr. Joseph W. Mast
Mr. John Matthews
Ms. Megan May
Ms. P. Norma McCann
Mr. William McCann
Mrs. Joyce H. McClintock
Ruth Budesheim and Mary J. McDonald
Tom and Kathy McGeehin
Nancy and Guy Mehl
Mr. Daniel Mellinger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Milner
Mr. Zoran Milovanovich
Kim Morrow and Lester H. Kauffman
Mr. Joel Marc Mumma
Ms. Muriel Mummau
Mrs. Jean Musser
Mr. Phillipp Muth
Ms. M. Jean Navikas
Mr. Mort Nierenberg
Mr. John F. O’Donnell
Ms. Loretta O’Neill
Mr. John Osborne
Mr. George Paily
Mrs. Dolores Perezous
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pike
Mrs. Pauline M. Pittenger
Mrs. Joan H. Pollock
Mr. C. W. Price
Sherri and Tim Price
Mrs. Betty M. Randolph
Willis Ratzlaff and Genevieve Tvrdik
Mrs. Jen Richard
Ms. Cyndy Rineer
Mr. Ronald Rodgers
Dr. Michael A. Rogers
Ms. Judith Ross
Rotary Club Of Lancaster Foundation
Mrs. Nancy M. Rote
Mrs. Abby H. Rudisill
Ms. Amy Ruffo
Ms. Melissa Rugh
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Russo
Ms. Gail Sanderson
David McMahan and Karen Sattler
Mountwaybia Club
Ms. Phyllis Scheffman
Mr. Robert C. Schober
Ms. Donna Schoenberger
Mr. Darrell Seitz
Ms. Carol Ann Shaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shaughnessy
Mr. Rupert M. Sheldon
Mrs. Isabel Sherdon
Rev. William A. Sherman
Mr. Aaron Sherman
Ms. Kim Showalter
Dan and Cindy Sigmon
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Simmons
Ryan Fowler and Amy Singer
Mr. William M. Sloyer
Ms. Josephine Smith
Mrs. Catherine Sorg
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Spiegel
Ms. Judy Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stewart
Ms. Diane Styer
Mr. Clifford Swanson
Noreene and Mike Sweeney
Ms. Darlene Tamanini
Ms. Margaret Tassia
Mr. Jerrold P. Thompson
Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson
Anthony and Gina Tooth
Ms. Katherine Trippe-McRee
Jonathan and Susan Troop
Upper Leacock Township
Mr. and Mrs. Glen VanDerSchaaf
Dr. Judson W. McCune and Ezetta Walter
Mr. Michael D. Warner
Ms. Nancy T. Warshawsky
Ms. Erma Weaver
Mr. Donald M. Weber
Mr. Joseph L. Weicksel
Ms. Judy Wenger
Richard and Eleanor Wheeler
Ms. Dolly White
Mr. Lutz Wiessner
Mrs. Anna Mary Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Wintsch
Mrs. Brenda Wissler
Ms. Clarissa Wolcott
Frances and Donald Young
Mr. Charles R. Youtz
Patrick and Kathleen Zaepfel
Ms. Martha Zepp
Robert and Barb Zook