Library Donors

The Lancaster Public Library would like to thank the following individuals, organizations, and businesses who supported the library with a donation in April. Much of what we accomplish would not be possible without your generous support. You are so very appreciated!

April 2019 Donors

Ms. Sarah Aeschliman
Ms. Elaine Alexander
Ms. Jennifer Alexander
Ms. Ana M. Alonso
Ms. Mary Anater
Mr. David K. Anderson
Mr. Scott Anderson
Vance and Jennifer Antonacci
Sandy and Harvey Asher
Ashland Foundation
Ms. Greta R. Aul
Mrs. Nancy Bage
Mr. Bert Baker
Ms. Robin S. Baldwin
Shyam S. Balepur
Dave and Corinne Bascelli
Ms. Bonnie Benn
Arthur and Jean Bernd
Jacqueline and Joe Bilder
Ms. Nancy R. Blechschmidt
Book Club
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Bookman
Ms. Caitlyn Bordon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bornstein
Mrs. Mary Kathryn Bradley
Ms. Judith Breger
Mr. Joseph T. Breneman, II
Ms. Tracy Broderick
Mrs. Margaret B. Brown
Mr. Gerald Bruce
Mr. Robert H. Bugel
Mr. Thomas Burgum
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Byrne
Ms. Molly Caldwell
Ms. Virginia Carroll
Michael and Georgia Casey
Ms. Margaret B. Chrencik
Patricia and William Cluley
Ms. Helen Comins
Ms. Mary D. Corcoran
Ms. Maureen Corwin
Mrs. Margaret (Sandy) Cross
Mr. and Mrs. James Crothers
Ray and Carol Dennis
Ms. Lori Dietrich
Sacha and Ryan Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Doerschuk
Ms. Evalina Dombrowski
Judy and Donald Durand
Mr. Jacob Durling
Joseph and Mary Kay Eckenrode
Ms. Monica Elbert
Jon Enos and Marie Fitzsimmons
Ms. Amanda Fowler and Mr. Bill Fife
Mrs. Carlotta Filarowitz
Ms. Miriam  Fletcher
Ms. Maureen Fornataro
Ms. Mary Forney
Adrienne and Amir Friedman
Friends of the Mountville Branch Library
Mr. William Gall
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gilbert
Mr. Dale Gindlesperger
Girl Scout Juliette Service Unit 715
Mrs. Andree Goldman
Ms. Lupe Gonzalez
Mr. Glenn Gordon
Joseph and Kathleen Gormish
Mrs. Jill Graham
Mr. David Greiner
Mr. James G. Greiner
Mr. Richard S. Groff
Ms. Molly Grubb
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Gulya
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Guntharp
Ms. Barbara Gutai
Lynne and Brian Hackman
Hammel Associates Architects, LLC
Ms. Deborah E. Harbaugh
Ms. Margaret Harbison
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harnly
Ms. Jeanette Hebel
Darlene and Allen Hein
Ms. Henrietta Heisler
Rebecca and George Hennessy
Mr. Raymond Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Herr
Dan and Caroline Herr
David and Margaret High
Ms. Jodi Hillard
Ms. Lissa Holland
Mrs. Norma C. Hollinger
Mr. and Mrs. James  Humphreville
Mr. David Johnson
Kevin Johnson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kaliss
Ms. Kali Kambouroglos
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Keays
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Keen
Mrs. Carol C. Kelsall
Mr. Sidney Kirk
Ms. Kelly Kleckner
Ms. Stephanie Kramer
Ms. Courtney Krause
Ms. Lauren Kreider
David and Andrea Kurzman
Ms. Barbara J. Laird
Mr. Malachi Lakey
Charles and Marga Lane
Mrs. Mary Lapp
D.S. Eberly and P.J. Lazos
Ms. Katharine  M. Leader
Judith and Gary Leauby
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Leinberger
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Lentz
Mr. James Leonard
Jerry and Tracy Lind
Ms. Evangeline Long
Mr. Charles Longenecker
Mr. Joseph W. Lowenthal
Ms. Joyce Ludwig
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell R. Luft Jr.
Mrs. Marilyn W. MacConnell
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Mack
Mr. Christian Mahaffey
Jennifer Ericson and Tom Malesic
Manheim Township Historical Society
Manor Ridge Lions Club
Ms. Mary Marchant
Mrs. Kathrine Markley
Mrs. Linda A. Martin
Ms. Janice Martin
Ms. Dianna Martin
Ms. Susan M. Martin
Ms. Candace Massey
Mr. and Mrs. G.R. May
Mr. William McCann
Ms. Julia M. McCourt
Tom and Kathy McGeehin
Michael and Kathryn McKenna
Mrs. Ann L. McMullen
Ihrie and Howard Means
Mr. John Meeder
Mrs. Lucille Meissner
Mr. Daniel Mellinger
Pam and Ben Minardi
Ms. Yvonne Mitchell
Ms. Sarah Mongeau
Ms. Ann Moore
James and Susan Morrissey
Mountville Welfare Association
Mountwaybia Club
Karl and Carolyn Moyer
Mr. Phillipp Muth
Hagai and Sarah Nassau
Ms. M. Jean Navikas
Ms. Judith Neidig
Ms. Sally S. Oatman
Mrs. Anne Osborn
Mr. John Osborne
Mrs. Natalie H. Ottinger
Karen and James Owens
Mr. Robert E. Patterson
Mr. H Earl Paulson
Mrs. Dolores Perezous
Ms. Sandra Pickering
Ms. Caroline Piersol
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pike
Ms. Valerie Poirier
Ms. Katharina Eva Possler
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Price
QVC, Inc.
Mrs. Anna Rakoczy
Mrs. Betty M. Randolph
Willis Ratzlaff and Genevieve Tvrdik
Ms. Lin Rengier
Gerald and Mary Alice Ressler
Ms. Courtney Restemayer
Mrs. Donna Robinson
Ms. Judith Rushworth
Ms. Carol Sandt
Tim and Tracy Schmitt
Sandra and Ron Schoeffler
Ms. Nancy Schott
Ms. Elizabeth A. Schott
Mr. J M. Seventko
Thomas and Bonita Sharpe
Ms. Heather Sharpe
Mr. Rupert M. Sheldon
Dianne and Robert Sherr
Ms. Kim Showalter
Ms. Karen Shreiner
Ms. Rebecca Siegrist
Ms. Annamary Sikorsky
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Simmons
Ms. Marianne Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Smith
Bob and Debbie Smith
Mrs. Jean M. Smith
Scott A. Smith and Beverly A. Achey
Ms. Stacy L. Snyder
Ms. Sarah Souder
Mr. and Mrs. James Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. William Spiegelhalder
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Sponaugle
Ms. Judy Stevens
Ms. Kelly Sumpter
Clifford and Lois Swanson
Ms. Margaret Tassia
Mr. Dan Taylor
Tommy and Sheila Thomas
Mr. Jerrold P. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Trettin
Ms. Claire L. Troop
Mrs. Marcella Turner
Upper Leacock Township
Drs. Mary Kearns and Jon Walker
Ms. Nancy T. Warshawsky
Michael and Susan Weed
Chris and Joe Weicksel
Mr. Gerald White
Mr. Wilson Whiting
Mrs. Anna Mary Wilkinson
Austin and Alma Willard
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wilson
Kevin McGarry and Beth Winter-McGarry
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Wintsch
Ms. Susan Wise
Harold E. and Ann Marie Witmer
Mr. Raymond Wolf
Mr. Christopher Wolf
Mr. LeRoy Wong
Thomas and Stephanie Yentsch
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Youtz
Mr. James Zink
Mrs. Kate Zink-Saladik
Robert and Barb Zook


Thank you to the 2018 Signature Benefit Partners…

Benchmark Construction Company, Inc. – Signature Partner

Riverside Camping Association – Signature Partner 

S & T Bank  – Illusion Partner

Stray Lighting & Production Services – Illusion Partner

PPL Electric – Illusion Partner

Barley Snyder – Midway Partner

Engle Printing & Publishing Co., Inc. – Midway Partner

Murray Securus – Midway Partner

Henrietta Heisler Interiors, Inc. – Crimson Partner

ECW Marketing Group – Crimson Partner


In Kind Partners –

The Circus School of Lancaster

Cracked Pepper Catering

DJ Mast Productions, LLC

The H & H Group

Good Spirits Lancaster

Trump Tschudy Design

Brenneman Inc.

Additional community partners who supported Lancaster Public Library events in 2018…

Barley Snyder

Bertz, Hess & Co, LLP

ELKS Lancaster Lodge

Lancaster Trophy House