Library Donors

The Lancaster Public Library would like to thank the following individuals, organizations, and businesses who supported the library with a donation in March, April and May. Much of what we accomplish would not be possible without your generous support. You are so very appreciated!

March, April, May 2020 Donors

William & Susan Adams
John and Julie Ambler
Patricia and Jay Anderson
Maralyn Anderson
Mark Andrews
Sandy and Harvey Asher
Ashland Foundation
Mary Ellen Bachman
Robert and Louise Barnett
Jill D. Edwards and George Beech
Arthur and Jean Bernd
Charles G. Bickford
Jacqueline and Joe Bilder
Anne Bogda
Charles and Elaine Bornstein
Mary Kathryn Bradley
Tracy Broderick
Linda H. Bruce
Janet Calhoun
Philip Calhoun
Laurel Campbell
Kay Charles
Karen Choppa
Margaret B. Chrencik
Margaret B. Chrencik
Mary D. Corcoran
Maureen Corwin
Susan Dibartolomeis
Ernie and Donna Doerschuk
Ed Donahue
Audrey Krupa and Tim Douglas
Zak and Taddy Druzba
East Lampeter Township Board Of Supervisors
Ephrata National Bank
John H. Esbenshade
Patricia Eschbach
Vincent and Christine Eshelman
Debra Fish
Margaret Fisher
Edward and Sarah Flick
Forest Path Foundation
Colin and Sandra Freund
Adrienne and Amir Friedman
Friends Of The Leola Library
Gladys Frye
David and Kathleen Gulya
Haller Enterprises Inc.
Bob and Margaret Hannum
Harold Ober Associates Inc.
Edward A. Hauck and Stefanie B. Valar
Jeanette Hebel
Carol Heintzelman
Carol Heisey
Janice and Kevin Henry
Raymond Hernandez
Anthony Hightower
John and Carol Hohman
James and Alace Humphreville
Robert and Hedwig Hunsicker
Hannah Hyser
Orrstown Bank
Jacquelyn Johns
Robert and Carol Johnson
Tyler Jones
Elizabeth Knoblauch
Robert and Miriam Knoll
Nance Kriscenski
Anne L. Labat-Gepert
Lampeter-Strasburg School District
Lancaster City Council
Lancaster County Prison
Lancaster Township Board Of Supervisors
Craig and Patrice Law
Katharine M. Leader
Elaine R. Lenyo
Jennifer Littell
Christopher Makuc
Manor Township Board Of Supervisors
Patricia Marion
Candace Massey
Michael and Kathryn McKenna
Clark McSparren
Devon Miller
Pam Minardi
Mountville Welfare Association
Hagai and Sarah Nassau
Elizabeth and Kenneth Nissley
Reilly Noetzel
Sally Towne and Dan O’Neill
Ms. H. Diane Penchansky
Stephanie Pennucci
Jessica Pfennig
Sandra Pickering
Caroline Piersol
Leslie Premo
Terry and Fred Quedenfeld
Cyndy Rineer
Catherine Rodgers-Perez
Nancy M. Rote
S&T Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schreiber
Sylvia and Bruce Schwalm
Jean and Nicholas Selch
Carol Ann Shaefer
Kim Showalter
Constance Shreiner
Annamary Sikorsky
William M. Sloyer
Carrie and Sean Smith
Scott A. Smith and Beverly A. Achey
Greta Aul and Frank Sodano
Laura Spitalniak
Brendan Stengle – Music For Everyone
William Stephan
Mark and Jane Strassle
Noreene Sweeney
Elizabeth A. Ulaky
Upper Leacock Township
Kim Van Donk
Mary and Boyer Veitch
Amy Wagner
Todd and Kathleen Walter
Brian Wassell
Mary T. Webb
Mary Alice Wheeler
Larry and Mary Jane Wilcox
Adam and Diane Wilikofsky
Christopher Wolf


Additional community partners who are supporting Lancaster Public Library events in 2020…

ELKS Lancaster Lodge