Library Donors

The Lancaster Public Library would like to thank the following individuals, organizations, and businesses who supported the library with a donation in February. Much of what we accomplish would not be possible without your generous support. You are so very appreciated!

February 2020 Donors

Rita Barrett
Nancy and Christopher Barton
Phyllis Baum
Mary Kathryn Bradley
Tracy Broderick
Michael and Georgia Casey
Diane M. Chapman
Patricia Cluley
Community Aid, Inc.
James and Dorothy Demaria
Priscilla Esbenshade
Kurman Family
Marilyn K. Felter
Charles H. Floyd Jr.
Jeff and Peggy Frey
Friends Of The Leola Library
Giant Food Stores
Catherine  C. Glass
Lupe Gonzalez
Marilyn J. Gosnell
Marc and Diana Grosman
Joyce Hall
Dawn Harmon
Robert A. Helm
Molly Henderson
Raymond Hernandez
High Beamers
Pamela R. Hershey
Jodi Hillard
Gene and Judy Homan
The Kalas Foundation
Barbara Keen
Allison Knauer
Michael Kolb
James and Carol Kress
Ms. M L. Krolak
Anne L. Labat-Gepert
Lancaster City Council
The Las Gringas
Larry and Sybil Lawrence
Bruce and Eleanor Liddic
Stephens Lytch
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Mack
Jennifer Ericson and Tom Malesic
Jim and Beth Malkowski
Linda A. Martin
Lee and Barry Martin
Susan M. Martin
Bernadette Miller and Family
Robert and Nancy Moyer
Hagai and Sarah Nassau
Robert and Ruth Osborn
Caroline Piersol
Anna Rakoczy
Betty M. Randolph
Lin Rengier
John N. Rigas
Randall and Phyllis Rittel
Roslyn Elementary School
Nancy M. Rote
Philip Schwartz
Salvatore Sciandra
Laura Sefershayan
Carol Ann Shaefer
William  A. Sherman
Josephine Smith
Kathleen M. Spencer
Judy Stevens
Noreene Sweeney
Noreene Sweeney
Claire L. Troop
Upper Leacock Township
Linda Lestz Weidman
D. Douglas Whiting
Christopher Wolf


Additional community partners who are supporting Lancaster Public Library events in 2020…

ELKS Lancaster Lodge