Business Reference-Internal

Business Plans Handbooks. Actual business plans compiled by, and aimed at, entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses. Presents sample plans taken from businesses in the manufacturing, retail and service industries which serve as examples of how to approach, structure and compose business plans.
Brands and Their Companies. Lists manufacturers and distributors from small businesses to large corporations, from both the public and private sectors. Provides complete coverage of U.S. consumer brands; manufacturers, importers and distributors; and companies that are out of business, as well as brands that are no longer in production or are now considered generic.
Encyclopedia of Associations. The only comprehensive source for detailed information on nonprofit American membership organizations of national scope. Each entry features a range of valuable data, typically including the organization’s complete name, address, email and/or web site and phone; the primary official’s name and title; founding date; purpose and activities; dues; national and international conferences; and more.
Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources. This encyclopedia identifies live, print and electronic sources of information. Covers various types of resources including directories, databases, newsletters, indexes, research centers, etc. within each subject area. For business managers and information researchers.
Market Share Reporter. A unique resource for competitive analysis, diversification planning, marketing research, and other forms of economic and policy analysis. Includes more than 3,600 new entries, which are arranged under both SIC and NAICS codes, corporate, brand, product, service, and commodity market shares, coverage of private and public sector activities, and comprehensive indexes, including products, companies, brands, places, sources, NAICS, ISIC, Harmonized and SIC codes.
Statistics Sources. Reliable data from American and English language international sources includes encyclopedias, dictionaries of terms, almanacs, websites and more to enhance and increase a user’s range of access points. Ideal for virtually any student or professional for academic application in business, industry, economics and marketing, Statistics Sources meets the demand for fast, accessible statistical information.
Trade Shows Worldwide. A detailed resource of information on thousands of trade shows, sponsoring organizations, and facilities, services and information sources on trade shows and exhibitions held in the United States and around the globe.