ExtraGive Era

…Ready for it?

Lancaster Public Library has provided high quality library services to the Lancaster community since it was established in 1759. Over the eras, our location has changed and our services have evolved, but our commitment to connecting people with information, ideas, and enriching experiences has never wavered.

Lancaster Public Library is in its ExtraGive Era!

What about you? Are you ready to invest in Lancaster Public Library and make a true impact in your community?

When you choose to support Lancaster Public Libray as part of the ExtraGive, you stand with us in our efforts to promote a love of reading, a thirst for knowledge, and a quest for life-long learning!

Celebrate With Us!

Say goodbye to this Cruel Summer and track down your old Cardigan (did you check under your bed?) because You Belong With Us!

Join Lancaster Public Libray to celebrate the Extraordinary Give with a host of other local nonprofits at the Great Giving Gig! Find us at Tellus360 on Friday, November 17 between 3-8PM. Showcase your Style by sporting Gorgeous friendship bracelets. Be Fearless with your outfit! Put on your Red lipstick and get ready to Speak Now about your support of LPL! We promise it will be an unforgettable night filled with music, a bit of dancing, and the opportunity to meet fellow Swifties….err Library Lovers!

You know All Too Well you can’t miss this!