Cantoras De Robertis, Carolina [2019]

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous: A Novel Vuong, Ocean [2019]

Iron Annie Cassidy, Luke [2022]

Perpetual West Maren, Mesha [2022]

The Verifiers Pek, Jane [2022]

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care Herring, Ashley [2022]

Kink [2021]

We Play Ourselves : A Novel Silverman, Jen [2021]

Secret of Superhuman Strength Bechdel, Alison [2021]

The King of Infinite Space Faye, Lyndsay [2021]

Love in the Big City : A Novel Park, Sang Young [2021]

Milk Fed : A Novel Broder, Melissa [2021]

Afterparties: Stories So, Anthony Veasna [2021]

The Perfume Thief Schaffert, Timothy [2021]

The Spectacular: A Novel Whittall, Zoe [2021]

I’m Not Hungry But I Could Eat: Stories Gonzalez, Christopher [2021]

Filthy Animals Taylor, Brandon [2021]

With Teeth Arnett, Kristen [2021]

Future Feeling: A Novel Lake, Joss [2021]

Blue-skinned Gods Sindu, SJ [2021]

The Recent East Grattan, Thomas [2021]