Gift Book Program

Lancaster Public Library’s Gift Book program is a wonderful way to remember family and loved ones who have passed away. This program also provides a unique way to honor special events such as birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. Your tax deductible gift to Lancaster Public Library will serve as a lasting tribute as it brings enjoyment and enrichment to the community.

A gift may be given to the Library in any amount the donor wishes. Books or other library materials may be selected. The average cost of a book is $25. The Library will choose something that fits the interest of the person being remembered or honored. The donor may also request a specific title, but please be aware that the library will choose an alternate title if the book requested is out of print or otherwise unavailable. The requested title also must fit with the library’s collection development policies and practices. Each gift book will have a special bookplate which gives the name of the person to whom the book is dedicated.

Contact LPL’s Director of Donor Advising, Jon Heinly to honor a loved one today.

Lancaster Public Library has benefited through the years from generous donors who care deeply about the Library. We welcome both unrestricted, as well as restricted gifts. Various opportunities exist for donations both large and small. All gifts are tax deductible.