People’s Choice Award

Along with the top places decided by our panel of judges, LPL’s Haiku Contest features a People’s Choice Award to be decided by YOU! Read through all the submitted poems below then vote for your favorite. One lucky poet will win a $10 gift card to the Lancaster Sweet Shoppe!

🗣️ The People’s Choice Award winner will be announced on Saturday, May 1. Check our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) for the post!

People’s Choice Contest Rules:

  1. Only one (1) vote per person.
  2. Voting ends Friday, April 30 at 11:59 PM.

For questions regarding this contest, please email Leigh.

More than two dozen haikus were submitted to our first ever Haiku Contest 👏👏👏

*We got cookies from
the Smiths in the mail today.
We don't know a Smith.
*Bird poop on my coat.
People say that it's good luck,
but I know better.
*I held the wrong hand.
Regret brushes its tongue on
the nape of my neck.
"Coal Rust"
Streams absorb black clouds
As do their inhabitants
Burning embers die
Travel memories
In my suitcase, in my heart
So I don’t lose them
Buda: genteel hills
Danube divides, bridges join
Pest: flat land, vibrant
Hillside burials
Celtic crosses as sentries
Across rolling hills
Delicious cheese board
Best with Argentine Malbec
Perfect denouement
Walking through the woods
Seeing the leaves mapping paths
The wind's breath helping
Evergreen trees stand
They stand tall in the forest
I like that they're green
Dogs are the cutest!
They are Fluffy and playful
They sleep in my bed
the earth awakens
bursting with song and new life
the show has begun!
Happy tears of the world,
Wash away all that is not pure.
Leave us with bright colors.
Grow to cover the world.
Make the world soft to our feet,
Green grass grow ever more.
If you’re fully vaxed
CDC still recommends
Reading before bed.
Lancaster is kind
Diversity and People
Lancaster prevails
Root comes from nowhere
to trip me on my face. Ouch!
That will leave a mark.
Pockets in my dress
means partner does not carry
lipstick and my phone.
A full moon, pale pink
It blossoms far from my home,
but close in my mind.
The smell of the room
The texture of the book spines
I'm in paradise.
Splat! I dip my brush
Into the vibrant pigment
And begin my piece.
"Cold Blood"
Murdered in cold blood,
Lies and family secrets,
Makes a thrilling read.
The winter wind gusts.
Bare trees in their ecstasy
bow and speak in tongues.
An earnest morning
bird queries the eternal
and mid-day answers.
Week-old snow retreats
from rocks, earth and air as though
now disenchanted.
Cherry blossoms bloom
The bright sunshine calls to me
Time to go outside!
Strangers in a room,
Waiting and moving our arms;
Vaccine shot brings hope

*The haikus in bold were selected as prize winners by our panel of judges; they are not eligible for a prize in our People’s Choice Awards.